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Toroni is a village in the southern of the peninsula of Sithonia in the prefecture of Halkidiki. The main occupation of the residents is tourism agriculture and fishing. Toroni presented touristic development the last years. The distance of the village from the Neos Marmaras is 23 km. after beach Tristinika and Toroni the visitor can reach the touristic village of Porto Koufo. This settlement was also developed the recent years. Outside the port which is one of the biggest and safest in the Mediterranean Sea we meet the location “Kartalia” with rocky beaches. The name comes from the eagles that the local people call “Kartalia”.

According to mythology Toroni was the wife of Proteas son of Poseidon. Her children got killed when they caused a battle with Hercules.
Traces from a prehistoric settlement have been found in the area by archaeologists. The most important excavation took place in 1975. The city was created from settlers with an origin from Halkida in the 8th century BC and soon became one of the most important cities not only in Sithonia but in whole Halkidiki. It took part in the Persian wars as well as the Peloponnesian war.

In 348 BC it was conquered by Philippos the 2th and in 168 BC by the Romans. From that period it lost its significance and it ended up a small settlement which was destroyed during the incursions in the 6th and 15th century. In the second case the residents abandoned Toroni due to the pirate incursions and got away in Sykia. In the byzantine years the area was property of the monasteries from Agion Oros. Today ruins and the wall of the old city are saved.
Other monuments are the castle of Likithos and the old Christian church of Agios Athanasios basilica of the 5th century. The church was destroyed by fire in the 6th century and in its position another smaller one was constructed.