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Sykia is one of the most beautiful and oldest villages of Sithonia. The settlement existed since the 14th century with the name “Loggos” and it was the headquarters in the administrative prefecture called “kapetanikio Apro”. Later the village and the area around with its fertile land was a property of a monastery of Agion Oros. The people were famous warriors and restless people and took part in all revolutions that happened in Halkidiki against the Turks.
Its current name comes from a great fig tree that was outside of the village or in another version from the shade of mountain Athos in Agion Oros.

The village succeeded until now to prevent its traditional character very well. The people of Sykia are very hospitable and preserved their own local dialect and special dances. It has beautiful small, narrow streets with well-preserved houses with traditional living rooms and terraces.


In the northern hill of Sykia you can see the stone church of Agios Athanasios which was built in 1814; it was destroyed by fire in 1854 and rebuilt in 1856. Next to the temple there is a marvelous old school with stone columns, building of 1870.

The village located 2 km from the central road to the mainland. The area around Sykia is famous for its beautiful coastline and breathtaking views to Mount Athos. The award-winning central beach of Sykia Agios Ioannis, the exotic bays Pigadaki and Linaraki, the picturesque beaches Tourkolimnionas, Pergola, Griava, and Valti and the famous beaches Kalamitsi and Kriaritsi are places of exceptional beauty.