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Sarti village was established after the destruction of Asia Minor from refugees that inhabited a small island Ofiousa (Afisia) which was in the sea of Marmaras in Constantinople. However, they were quickly informed by the State that in Halkidiki there was a place with agriculture areas and so they settled from 1923 up to 1925.
The village initially called Nea Afisia. Today’s mane came from King Sartio (Sartis) who lived in that area and had built a city called Sartoupoli which was sunk.


In Platanitsi where there is a camping there was a small settlement part of the Holly Monastery of Xiropotamou. Watermills that are above Platanitsi belonged in this monastery and today only the ruins are saved with pines and sycamores around them.

Today Sarti is a modern touristic resort with direct access to both sea and mountain with gorgeous beaches as Portokali, Platanitsi, Ahlada, Sarti beach etc.