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Nikiti is a natural motoring interchange of the whole peninsula and of Northern-eastern Halkidiki build in a constricted area at 3.000 acres in the entrance of the peninsula of Sithonia in a distance of 36 km from Polygyros and 95 km from Thessaloniki. It has 3000 inhabitants during winter while it goes over 20000 in the summer.
The beautiful beaches are harmonically combined with the pine forest on the North while on the eastern and western sides there are agriculture areas with endless olive groves.


Nikiti was established during the 14th century with the initial settlement being gathered in the location of the old village. Before the establishment of the village, the place was a monastery agriculture property. The monks must have been the ones that during the 14th century or earlier built the first temple in the location where in the 16th century the church of Virgin Mary built which is used as a cemetery temple and is above the church of Agios Nikitas.

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The church has been decorated by exceptional frescoes that have been destroyed in due to a shortage of elemental protection. Only remains of frescoes are saved now. The temple of Agios Nikitas (St Nikitas) was established in 1867 as it is referred on the exterior of the temple.


In Nikiti there is contemporary as well as traditional accommodation which operates from spring to winter with the local businesses covering every visitors need. The port of Nikiti can also offer protection in every sort of boats.

One of the biggest evens is the “Swimming Crossing of Toroneos Gulf”. A race of marathon swimming that is organized every summer by the Cultural Youth Association “Sithon”. Also the athletic event “Sithonia” and the honey celebration attract the interest of many tourists.

The famous and exotic beaches of Nikiti are characterized by beyond comparison natural beauty. St George, Kastri, Agios Ioannis, Koviou, Kalogria, Spathies, Elia and Lagomandra are some of the famous and exotic beaches of Nikiti, just like the notes of a divine music inspired by an unspeakable nature beauty.