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Neos Marmaras


In an inheriting location 120 km from Thessaloniki the village of Neos Marmaras was established by refugees of Propontida in Constantinople. The new settlement was connected quickly with Parthenon which is 5 km north of Neos Marmaras. Parthenon was officially characterized as a preservable traditional settlement with dazzling beauty unique architecture stone accommodation and marvelous roots and paths to the mountain Dragoudelis. Traditional taverns and cafeterias will serve the needs of visitors that will have the opportunity to rest next to the church of Agios Stefanos (St Stevens).
Neos Marmaras was rapidly developed in a notable holiday resort having as a result the big concentration of population.

Important role of the touristic development of the village has played the creation of touristic accommodation and shops that made Neos Marmaras a cosmopolitan resort ready to cover the needs of every visitor separately.


The visitor of Neos Marmaras can follow fascinating routs to meet the beauty of the mountain and the sea. We precisely mention the areas of Tripotamos, Neromylos, Konistis and Agios Athanasios through which the hiker can meet the natural beauty of Neos Marmaras. Its famous beaches of Paradisos, Azapiko and Stiladari together with the central organized beach forms an amazing mosaic of green and blue attract dedicated friends from all over the world.


Today Neos Marmaras offers its visitors all the comforts and easiness than someone can ask for.it combines in a unique way the extreme nightlife with the ultimate rest. During the summer period the visitors can take part in many events and sports. It is an ideal place for the lovers of food, as Neos Marmaras offers traditional food as well as tastes from all over the world. Neos Marmaras is one of the most complete resorts of Greece ready to embrace with its hospitality all those who will decide to explore its secrets.