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Metagitsi located in the northern borders of the municipality of Sithonia in an altitude of 150 m which was built on the site of the legendary ancient city Assa, one of the most important city of Halkidiki. It connects the north and the south region of Sithonia and there for he attracts so many visitors. Metagitsi located about 100 km from Thessaloniki and the travelers can select between many roots in; order to reach his destination.

Most houses of the village are made of stone, according to the traditional architecture and impress the visitors.

This village is very famous in Halkidiki. One of the reasons is the unbelievable delicious food in its hospitable traditional taverns. It’s a fact what whatever is cooked in Metagitsi is made by local products as the residents are occupied with stock farming and agriculture.


Metagitsi can satisfy the lovers of the mountain and the sea as it is only 4 km form the beaches. One unforgettable hiking route which will give the visitors the opportunity to meet the natural beauty of North Sithonia is the barrier of Havrias River. Starting point is Agia Kyriaki and its end the position Desi.

The first beach of Metagitsi is Sta Vathia with an unprecedented sense of freshwater as there cast out underground water veins. Shortly after we meet the Kokala, a beach with steep rocks and cliffs that cause awe to its visitors.


Those who want to participate in a traditional festival are advisable to visit the village on July 20 when there’s the three-day festival of Prophet Elias.


The residents of Metagitsi are particularly pious, which is proven by the large number of churches such as St. Athanasius, St. Chistoforos and Osia Eirini Chrisovalantou.