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Natural Environment


The natural landscape of Sithonia presents an excellent diversity, while the proximity of the area to the sea, where there are especially attractive beaches and the presence of the hill areas at close, full of undergrowth woodland and trees in the biggest part of it, forms a pleasant and attractive natural landscape which continually keeps an intense to the visitor.


In the spreading wooded areas and moorlands the natural vegetation is separated in the following categories:

In the high tree vegetation, where the dominant species is the pine tree, forming dense woods with a great water and aesthetic value, which contributes significantly in the preservation of the touristic flows in the area.

In low bushy vegetation, where you can find holly oak, arbutus, holm oak, heather and other species of evergreen-longleaf plants.

In annual or perennial plants, which grow in moorlands and in agricultural areas.

In the end the olive and the vineyard which cover significant areas of land near inhabited areas shape and complete the aesthetics of the landscape.