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Sithonia is the ideal destination for the lovers of diving while it is one of the best areas for diving in Greece and in Europe. The excellent mosaic of the land and the wild shape continues underwater with canyons, shelves, vertical granite walls, meadows, caves and shipwrecks. The rich underwater life completes the beauty of the sea bottom, clear and transparent waters that offer great visibility and the ideal water temperature that in the summer rates between 26 degrees Celsius and in winter just 16 degrees Celsius. The amazing underwater mosaic and the rich flora of the sea bottom are accessible in all, amateurs and professionals. 


The municipality of Sithonia moved in an innovative action for the support of the diving tourism, with the creation and signalling of the diving routes in four points of the peninsula, accessible to all, experienced and beginners of every age


In the whole of Sithonia there are diving centres where anyone can take part in an organised diving while for the beginners lessons are offered so that very soon they can enjoy this unrepeatable experience of entering the magical world which start just a few metres under water. 





i.    Kelyfos island 
(geographical point: 40th 03’54,06” N & 23rd43’ 40, 80”E)

ii.    Erika Location (Porto Kyofo)
(geographical point: ( 39ο 56′ 37,68″Ν & 23ο 57′ 30,66″Ε)

iii.    Nemesis location (Kalamitsi)
(geographical point: 39ο 56′ 45,42″Ν & 23ο 59′ 01,92″Ε)

iv.   Agios Nikolaos location (Pirgos)
(geographical point: 40ο 15′ 07,07”Ν & 23ο 43′ 30,60”Ε)

The points that are mentioned above are approximate and there can be deviances of small scale.