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Islands of Vourvourou


The islands of Vourvourou in the peninsula of Sithonia are a secret paradise of Halkidiki and a place for holidays for few people. It is a group of island (Ambelitsi, Kalogria, Peristeri, Agios Isidoros, Prasonisi,) which surrounds the big island of Diaporos. Diaporos is opposite Vourvourou , just 10 Km from Agios Nikolaos and with the first glance your vision is filled with various images and clams the visitor with its natural peacefulness. 

The undiscovered islands of Sithonia have a long history, which is proven by the finding in the hill next to the sea called “Koukos” of the island. In the area there are ruins of prehistoric buildings from 3000 BC and the settlement of Diaporos is timed in the early Copper era, while stones and some remains of cooking items and some millstones are found. The habitation of the island is continuous and permanent. 


Diaporos met a significant bloom in byzantine years. In the area Krifto there are some ruins of the pre byzantine temple of Agios Andreas, the oldest Christian temple in the area of Sithonia, which is timed around 500 AD. 

The covered graves in the cemetery of Diaporos are impressive too. Here some of the first Christians of the area are buried, who lived thriving since the 4th century AD to 540 AD when the destructive invasion of the Huns happened, leading in the desolation and the scattering of the Christian population together with the Slavic invasion and the intense earthquakes of the 7th century AD. 



It is quite difficult to visit the islands as because they are not inhabited there is no sea connection. However fishermen of the area can transport some visitors who desire to swim in the blue waters of the islands with its sandy beaches and bays of unique natural beauty. 



It is an uninhabited island with turtle shape, opposite the Neos Marmaras, with a total area of about 700 acres. Its height is 148 meters and its steep slopes are growing pines and olive trees.
In summer boats from Neos Marmaras organize visits to the island for swimming and fishing.

The depth around the island is deep and the underwater flora and fauna is very rich, that’s why the Municipality of Sithonia created a diving path around the island for the lovers of nature.