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Big sandy organized beach, in front of the village. It has taverns, cafeterias and shops with souvenirs etc. 


2km after the junction of Nikiti (you turn right following the west side of the peninsula) the beach of Ai-Giannis is big in length with fine sand , turquoise waters and sandy bottom.

Koviou Beach

A small bay with magnificent colors, maybe the most intense in color waters in Halkidiki. You can park on the side next to the turn of the road as well as on the right of the road and you will continue on foot.


beach spathies
A small beach with sand and rocks and pines that reach the sea.

Kalogria Beach

You may see a lot of photos of this beach but every time you will miss a corner of it…The rocky picturesque island 200m from the shore invites you to swim near it. The pine wooded forest behind the beach sent its pines up to the shore as if they want to embrace it. The wide warm fair sand and the unique colors of the sea compose a unique landscape that wins you with the first glimpse.

In the 6th km of the central street Nikiti-Marmara turn right in the old road using the sign and one of the most beautiful beaches in Halkidiki is yours.

Elia Beach

7km from Nikiti going to N.Marmaras there’s a long beach of about 4km. This is Elia beach. A beach that took its name from the endless olive groves that exist in the area.

Turn right and take the old road. On the right alongside the old road the wonderful pine wooded cliff continues to hide coves of the beach. On our left the endless olive grove of the area start, it is interrupted by smaller or bigger tourist accommodation. The landscape continues to be the same for the next 2km and then it suddenly changes.

Nice shallow beaches follow the unique landscape of the previous wild beauty. Wherever you decide to stop you must be sure that Elia beach will award you. Beaches like Katsari, Mitari and Small Elia will be hardly met again in the mainland.


Beach with sand, organized which has a hotel, restaurants, bars and water sports.

Just before N.Marmaras there is a big beach in length called paradises, sandy and ideal for families, organized with sun beds and umbrellas. It has rent rooms, cafeterias and small taverns in front of the sea.

Neos Marmaras

Sandy beach, on the left of the settlement, with bars and taverns and a view of the island Kelyfos (turtle).

Porto Carras
In Porto Carras resort the beaches are sandy with tiny stones and the waters are green and blue and relatively deep. They are fully organized they provide water sports, beach bars and restaurants etc.

Azapiko Beach
A beach with thin white sand, blue waters without any vegetation

Tristinika Beach
Big, sandy and marvelous beach with crystal deep waters. In the area there are a few rooms to rent, a couple of taverns, a mini market, a camping and an all-day beach bar with a magical view and alternative music. From Tristinika, straight ahead you can find the accommodation group “Aretes”, with a beautiful bay. Close there is another bay, the “Hidden Paradise”.

Toroni beach

It is spread in a length of 2km. sandy with thin stones ideal for families. In some of its parts, it is organized with sun beds and umbrellas.  There are canoes, water bikes while along the beach there are bars, taverns, mini markets, shops with souvenirs, rooms to rent and private houses. In the end of the beach and specifically in the peninsula of Lykithos we can find the ruins of a byzantine castle.

Porto Koufo
A natural port and one of the safest in Greece. A sandy beach which is organized in front of the hotels. In the settlement there are small taverns that serve fresh fish. Outside the port you can find Kartalia, the southern cape of Sithonia. As long as you are in the west side of the peninsula, don’t miss to dream through the magical, crimson and purple colors of the sun the time it sinks into the sea. And when dusk come enjoy the last dive of the day in the sea.


A wonderful sandy bay, in front of the settlement with a few sun beds and umbrellas, bars, taverns, mini markets, rooms to rent, camping and a few hotels. In the end of the beach if you pass the rocks you reach another bay which is preferred by naked people. Have you seen a most beautiful spectacle than the sun that rises behind the massive peak of Athos mountain? Or the rise of the moon?
A red moon? A full moon? The eastern side of Sithonia is suitable for such memorable pictures and moments.



Big sandy beach with a view to Athos. Camping is available. Following the main road you end up in the beach Linaraki (+2,5km) a picturesque location with a small port, taverns and rooms to rent. 2km before Kalamitsi there’s a sign for Kriaritsi beach and Klimataria beach. It is a location with small picturesque bays, with a great view in mountain Athos and camping. 


A sandy organized beach in the settlement and clean waters beach bars taverns, rooms to rent, shops with souvenirs etc. In the 4,2 km from Sarti the soil road leads (+800m) in a picturesque bay with a great view in Athos. There is beach bar club.

Platanitsi Beach
1,5km from the beach Portokali there is another magical location in the pine trees with crystal waters! There is a municipal camping, cafes, mini market, water sports etc. 

Ahlada Beach
4km after you find Ahlada beach where there is a camping too and after 500m you reach Sarti.

This is a big in length beach with an organized camping and one of the favorite ones especially to the young people. There is a restaurant, café and mini market etc. In a distance of 5,5km from Armenistis you find Portokali beach and Kavourotripes, with their magnificent waters and magical landscape. There is no official sign for these particular beaches. They are small bays with sand and rocks. 

Portokali Beach
In a distance of 5,5km from Armenistis you find Portokali beach, with their magnificent waters and magical landscape. There is no official sign for these particular beaches. They are small bays with sand and rocks. 

Kavourotripes beach
In a distance of 5,5km from Armenistis you find Kavourotripes, with their magnificent waters and magical landscape. There is no official sign for these particular beaches. They are small bays with sand and rocks. 

Zografou Beach
Sandy beach with a view to Athos and a camping called Porto Zografou. There are two bars. In the 27th km you arrive in Armenistis.


The area resembles a lagoon, there are small islands that surround the bay with the biggest one being Diaporos. Te waters are quite shallow. You will swim in beaches Karidi, Koutloumousi (there’s a camping) but also in the islands with its small bays.

Ormos Panagias

Another beautiful port which is a starting point for cruises around the peninsula of Athos. You can swim in the big sandy beach of Trani Ammouda. 

Salonikiou beach
A big sandy beach with clear blue waters and a view to mountain Athos.