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In Sithonia, the colourful mosaic of nature with so many scents and colours uniquely combined continuous on the table. Fish, shellfish and mollusc from the richest sea of Greece. Meat from certified local farms. Greens and aromatic plants from virgin forests and unspoiled mountains. The internationally famous olive oil of the area becomes the main ingredient form dream dishes that satisfy every budget and demand. 

In Nikiti ouzeri, meze restaurants, taverns and gourmet restaurants line up in the beach and magnetise with their delicious smells and selected food. Try fresh fish, seafood dishes and surprising salads or head to the traditional village and enjoy varieties of meat with fine wine under the plane trees.

In Neos Marmaras the taverns touch the sea and serve plates with meat or fish with unique combinations of traditional with modern. In the traditional village of Parthenonas enjoy local meat with a panoramic view of the sea, whereas in Porto Koufo, the biggest natural port of the Mediterranean, the sea delicacies come straight from the fishing boat in your dish.

In Sarti the tasty heaven continues in the picturesque streets and the beach with the line-up taverns and the ouzo dishes to lead. In the bays of Sikia try the sundried octopus, fresh wild muscles and critamo salad and do not forget to taste the local beef and goat that are a bestseller in the initiates.

In Vourvourou and in Ormos Panagias fishing boats come and go every day that fish rich varieties of seafood from the Agion Oros gulf shaping big queues in the fish shops and in the fish taverns too.

In Agios Nikolaos the Mediterranean cuisine is greatly honoured with traditional specialities whereas in the mountainous village Metagitsi food lovers are gathered for its famous meat, the local wine and the surprising grilled shrimps.



The sea cuisine and agricultural cuisine of Sithonia constitutes an important piece of the tradition of the area. Its people from one side of the peninsula to the other, affected by the natural environment created their own local cuisine moist with the saltiness of the sea and withering by the breeze of Dragoudelis. Every village has its own gastronomic culture, with unique and special flavours that modern and traditional chefs cook in the restaurants and the taverns. Discover it.