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The culture and sports are supporting and psychological pillars of our society, illustrating the positive elements that will allow anyone to gain power and hope for the future. Besides the cultural identity every society is based on its sporting adequacy.


Sporting Events

Swimming Crossing of Toroneos Gulf
It is about one of the top sporting and cultural events in Greece and is an excellent chance for someone to visit Sithonia. Every July, for 40 years now professional and amateur swimmers from every point of the planet take part in the event and dive in Toroneos Gulf from the beach of Kassandra and after they have swum 26km they reach the coast of Nikiti where they are warmly welcomed. The swimmers are escorted by boats with escorts that encourage them. The international swimming crossing of Toroneos gulf is accompanied by rich cultural events and is a reference point of summer in Sithonia. 

One of the most distinctive international athletics meetings is organised for 10 years now every summer in Nikiti and it is no other than “Sithonia”.   Athletics athletes from all over the world participate in the competition that every year is held on the responsibility of the Gymnastics federation of Sithonia and of the Community Service Organization under the support of the municipality of Sithonia. Nikiti is the place of origin of the champion in shot put Alexandros Papadimitriou and “Sithonia” is an institution in his honour.  Discus athletes, shot put athletes and hammer athletes, javelin athletes and runners take part in “Sithonia” while the records that are achieved are measured officially in their performances. 

Soul Swimming Race 
The swimming races are very honoured in Sithonia. In the memory of an unfairly lost citizen of Sithonia the soul swimming race is organised every October in which swimmers from the area dive in Toroneos and cross a distance of about 10km alongside the coast of Sithonia arrive from Metamorfosi to Nikiti. 


Swimming around Diaporos Island
A new and much promised event is the swimming around of Diaporos island. The island of Diaporos in Ormos Panagias is a place of unique beauty and popular touristic destination for the visitors that have boats. The cultural association of Agios Nikolaos organises every September an event for swimming across the island. Swimmers around Greece and other countries are present in an event that its target is to get in the international swimming calendar. 


The field of athletics has a lot of glory in Sithonia. Triggered by the organising of Sithonia, a throwing meeting has been enacted in the mountainous and beautiful Metaggitsi. It is an area that anyone can enjoy peaceful holidays. In Metagitsia small athletes from Gymnastic associations of the area take part. 


Dragoudeli Pass 
A prototype event, that gives the chance to hundreds of hikers, cyclists and horse riders to cross the beautiful mountain Dragoudeli of Sithonia and to meet the unique natural beauty following 8 special routes, is the Drgoudeli passing. In October, when the summer heat has reduced and the nature bows in the autumn aura, taking place this amazing event, in which the participation is free for every visitor. Sithonia that is surrounded by two gulfs, Sigitikos and Toroneos, has a beautiful mountainous area also that the visitors can meet by taking part in this event. Besides, in Dragoudeli you can meet the unique in Greece tree Itamos which is in the mountain for 2000 years now and is a protected natural monument. The participants in the event, after they have completed their routes, are gathered in the stone built square of Parthenonas and take part in a big feast. 


Religious Celebrations – Festivals

Agios Nikitas
Especially important for Nikiti is the celebration of its patron Saint Agios Nikitas. Every year on the 15th of September, religious and cultural events are held that are organised by local clubs in the honour of the patron Saint. The visitors can watch the festive evening prayer on the eve of the celebration or the festive divine service on the day of the celebration and to take part in the traditional feast that follows, surrounded by the folk celebration in the square of Nikiti’s traditional settlement. 

Agios Nikolaos
Agios Georgios
The second day of Easter the residents of Agios Nikolaos honour Agios Georgios in the old small church of the Saint in the Area Dimiana. After the service, food dishes and drinks are prepared that are accompanied by live music. The third day of Easter the big Litany of all the pictures of Agios Georgios is held. In the stop that happens in the church of Agios Ioannis Prodromos in Papidilos, red eggs, cheese, bread and wine are offered for the walking believers that litanies the pictures as the locals call this litany. The tradition requires the beginning of this event in the years of Ottoman Empire. The residents were going until Ormos Panagias on foot and while they were leaning to kneel the pictures that were stack on the mantel of Agioi Theodoroi, they exchanged secretly their plans for the Revolution. Today the route has decreased and is restricted around the village. 

Agios Nikolaos
Agia Paraskevi
A three-day cultural event is organised every year by the clubs of Agios Nikolaos in order to honour Agia (saint) Paraskevi on the 26th of July. The church that is in the centre of the village is filled with people and that watches the religious and cultural events. Every night in the square a folk traditional feast is held with local or other orchestras. In the eve night the believers stay up in the church yard. 

Ormos Panagias & Nikiti
Agios Theodoros in Ormos Panagias and Nikiti
One of the most representative cultural events of Sithonia is held in the celebration of Agioi (Saints) Theodoroi.  On the first Saturday of the great fasting before Easter, every year hundreds of believers are gathered in the picturesque location of Ormos Panagias, next to the sea where the church is. After the festive divine service, the people take part in a feast and the celebration.  Agios Theodoros is also honoured in Nikiti in the picturesque church that is next to the port of Nikiti. After the service the residents offer traditional food and a feast with seafood. 


Agia Triada
A very famous religious and cultural event of Neos Marmaras is the celebration of Agia Triada. 40 days after Easter. The cultural association “Prikonisos” revives customs and presents three-day folk events in the central dock giving this way the chance to the residents and visitors of the area to have a special experience. 

Agios Stefanos – Parthenon Settlement
In the traditional settlement of Parthenonas, where the visitor has the ability to meet the secret beauties of Sithonia, every year on the 27th December the celebration of the Saint Martyr Stefanos is held with religious reverence. The believers watch the religious events and have the chance to meet the local tradition through the cultural actions that the Cultural association Parthenon develops, especially because of the celebration. 

Horse races
Since the ottoman era and with a symbolic character revives every year on the third day of Easter the event of the horse races on the beach of traditional Sykia. Riders from all over the country come with their horses in Sykia and take part in this special event. The horses compete in speed and offer in thousands of visitors a unique spectacle. Whoever desires can ride a horse and can be photographed while in the event there are strict safety regulations. 

Agia Triada 
An important religious event for Sykia is the celebration of Agia Triada, 40 days after Easter, Sykia lives 3 days in festive pace, by presenting rich cultural events and special religious ones that reflect the history and the tradition of the area.

Agios Athanasios
The memory of Agios Athanasios patron Saint of Sykia is held with great splendour in the homonymous area. Every year on the 20th of January in the holly temple of Agios Athanasios that is a byzantine monument of great value, worship events are held that reach its climax with the litany of the saint’s picture. 

Agios Christoforos
One of the most representative festivals of Metagitsi is the festival of Agios Christoforos patron saint of drivers on the 5ht of June. Agios Christoforos is honoured with splendour in the beautiful village of Metagitsi as his memory is accompanied by the legend that one soldier of Alexander the Great is buried there where later the church of Agios Christoforos was built between the two perennial trees. 

Prophet Elias
The memory of Prophet Elias is honoured with splendour in the picturesque Metagitsi of the municipality of Sithonia in the place that the church is on a green side of the mountain. Rich cultural events which are organised by the cultural Association of Metagitsi “Nea Assa” are held in the celebration. 


15th of August 

The assumption of Mary is celebrated with splendour in Sarti every 15th of August.  In this place where the miraculous picture of Virgin Mary brought by Afisia of Asia Minor is worshiped with reverence. In Sarti the head church and the local authorities organise the holly festival that is an important reason to visit the area. 

Agios Georgios

The Cultural Association of Sarti organises various events every year during the festival of Agios Georgios in the chapel of Agios Georgios in Sarti.