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Dionysian monastery dependency in Metagitsi
The monastery dependency is very old since the mill is mentioned in an emperor’s document that is saved in the Holly monastery of Dionysius since 1569 while it served all the villages around and Metagitsi up to 1948. The monastery group includes a two storey building in which there is a chapel of Agios Ioannis Prodromos (St John the Baptist) also the cells of monks that served it, most of them with a fireplace and a watermill with two mill stones. In the same space the ovens provided with bread not only the monks but also the residents of the wider area.  The monks form Agion Oros stayed here until 1947 when they abandoned the area. Today the building is not in a good condition whereas until 1998 the service was held in the chapel that is dedicated to St John the Baptist. 

Other remains of Dependency monasteries:
• Tripotamos monastery dependency in Neos Marmaras
• Monastery dependency of Grigorios monastery in Neos Marmaras
• Koutloumousi and Zografou monastery dependency and in Agios Nikolaos

Parish church of Agios Athanasios Of Sikia
The massive temple of Agios Athanasios dominates the northern hill of Sykia which was built in 1814, was destroyed in 1854 by the Macedonian general Tsami Karataso, who stranded the Turks in the church who dominated Sykia, and burned them. The temple was rebuilt in 1856. 
The wooden ceiling presents great interest and its wooden sculptured shrines, works of 1703, which seem to come from Agion Oros. The walls of the temple are also very characteristic and especially of its west profile.  

Temple of Agios Nikitas in Nikiti
The parish temple of Agios Nikitas was established in 1867 as the sign plates that appear in the exterior of the temple mention. The rent that the shepherds from West Macedonia, who tried to have their flocks pass the winter in the fields of Nikiti, paid contributed in the construction of the temple.
The temple was burned in 1948 during the civil war and together the technically unique wooden sculptured temple. After the fire some stone wall remained and a picture of Agios Nikitas which was saved by a miracle. The people of Nikiti mourned the destruction of the temple they were however determined to rebuild it giving back its old glory and magnificence. The reconstruction happened very quickly from 1948 to 1950. The memory of the saint is honoured every year on the 15th of September.

Assumption of Mary temple
The Assumption of Mary temple in the old settlement of Nikiti dates back to the 16th century and today is used as a cemetery temple. This temple has been decorated with excellent frescoes which however have been destroyed with the passing of the time. Only some remains of frescoes are saved today. 

Agios Pavlos Chapel in the Mountain Itamos
Agios Pavlos is situated in mountain Itamos between many spring waters and old plane trees.  Next to the small temple, there is a building that was built in the 19th century but on the ruins of the older. There you find the monumental spring with its crystal water of 1713 that the folk tradition mentions that when Apostle Pavlos got thirsty and so to satisfy its thirst he tore the rock with his sword from which water springs until today.  

The miraculous picture of Panagia Eleousa in Sarti
The residents of Afisia in Asia Minor forced to abandon their land and homes without taking anything from them, considered to secure and to take with them from the churches of the village together with their holly heirlooms the picture of Virgin Mary which never abandoned them and blessed them with its grace in their new homeland Sarti (Nea Afisia). For many years the day of The Assumption of Mary many were the believers that visited the temple of Sarti to watch the miraculous move of the picture. The believers that had a problem kneeled hugged the picture which in a miraculous way moved and sometimes so strong that swept away those holding it.

This fact had become a very famous spectacle and the memorable archbishop of Kassandria Sinesios wanting to give an end in the secularization of the mysteries and to avoid any aberrations of the pilgrims decided the picture not come out from the temple again.

Monastery dependency Of Agios Georgios in Sarti
The dependency belonged in the monastery of Ksiropotamos of Agion Oros. There the first families of refugees stayed when they came from Lavrio. The picturesque chapel of Agios Georgios transfers you in another era.