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Museum Of Nikiti


Historical and Folk Museum of Nikiti

The historical and folk museum is accommodated in the stone school of the old settlement. The school was built in 1870 and is a historical preservative monument. The folk collection includes 1500 items, donations to the resident of Nikiti and literature teacher Dimitrios Dimaras who spend the last 20 years to gather traditional items, and had the heroic vision to see them in a museum. 

More than 500 items in organic relation with filed material, contemporary photographic depiction, verbal testimonies and cinematographic narration are the means to show the various stories for the settlement and the life of the people of Nikiti.


The themes of the exhibition are:

1. Introductory panel
1.1. Points of the settlement of Nikiti

ROOM 2: settlement, place, people
2.1 The people and their houses
2.2 Church, school
2.3 Mills, fields, taps
2.4 A history of change
2.5 Nikiti in historical depth

Room 3: Occupied with tradition
3.1 Collecting
3.2 Studying
3.3 “clothes with an effort…”

Corridor: Pace, time, history, relations
D1. Faces of Nikiti, D2. Time line, D3. Grand livre

Room 4: Economic and social life 
4.1 Sea
4.2 Following spring
4.3 Worker and Shopkeepers
4.4 “Barber’s”
4.5 “Handyman and head of the household”
4.6 “Via coal”
4.7 The resin from the pines
4.8 Every house with its cocoons

Conclusion: Olive Cultivation 

Το έργο υλοποιήθηκε το 2014 επί δημαρχίας Ιωάννη Τ. Τζίτζιου, με την υποστήριξη του Δήμου Σιθωνίας Χαλκιδικής και τη συγχρηματοδότηση  του Προγράμματος Αγροτικής Ανάπτυξης της Ελλάδας (ΠΑΑ) 2007-2013, Άξονας 4, Τοπικό Πρόγραμμα Προσέγγισης LEADER της ΟΤΔ «Εφαρμογή της  Προσέγγισης LEADER στο Νομό Χαλκιδικής».