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Wine Tourism

Vineyard cultivation in Sithonia has roots that are lost in its mythical past. It is closely connected with the Greek wine tradition and continues to thrive for many millenniums. The first seeds of grapes that were found in excavations date back to the prehistoric era while from the classical period and so on, the references are continuous. Even Aristotle was growing his personal vineyard while the wine and god Dionysus were depicted in the coins and baptised the locations in the area.

The wines of Halkidiki are famous for their quality because of their geographical and climatic specialty and the vineyards covered big amounts of land in the mainland and in the three peninsulas.

Continuing this great tradition, the Roads of wine was created as a suggestion for the visitor to cross and to meet the world of wine cultivation. Visits in vineyards and winery, seminars, wine tasting and participation in harvesting are some from the points of a selected route that charms the lovers of wine tourism.

The vineyards of Sithonia produce some of the finest wine varieties with international fame and constitute part of the Roads of Wine in Halkidiki. The area has the biggest biological vineyard in Greece with 28 fine varieties, 18 labels and over 70 international awards.

Choose one of the tour and tasting programmes and put yourself in a tradition that distilled and concentrated a whole culture in a heady glass. Cheers!