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Underwater tourism

Sithonia has one of the most beautiful sea bottoms of Greece. 

Τhe certified divers can dive in many very beautiful diving points. There are diving points for all the levels of training and experience of the divers, from beginners to very experienced ones of technical diving. .


The great tradition of Sithonia in diving tourism starts in 1975 when the famous French explorer Zach-Eve Cousto with his famous boat “Kalipso” comes in Halkidiki for the movie “Quest of the Atlantis”. Ten years later in Kalamitsi of Sithonia the first diving centre in North Greece starts and the thrilling world of the sea bottom rises on the surface: it becomes approachable and able to visit. Mysterious sea trails, sandy bottom and steep cliffs, crystal waters and dark underwater caves, reefs, shipwrecks, ancient ports and sunk cities create a magnificent underwater mosaic that attracts thousands lovers of diving for thirty years now.

The waters in the main points of diving are warm without currents and tides, ideal for all the ages and levels of experience. Dive in deep blue and a whole world will reveal in front of your eyes: suspicious groupers, kingfish of 10 kilos, stems, white groupers, lobsters and schools of colourful small fish wonder around corals, sea anemones and other sea plants. Endless fields filed with seaweed spread in the bottom and stop steeply in front of the rocky slopes, vertical stones and canyons that are lost in abyss.

With the peacefulness of endless blue, the big visibility and the sense of the lack of gravity because of weightless cruise, diving resembles to the walking of astronauts in space.

Diving is held in many points in Sithonia and also in the four diving trails that were created with the initiation of the municipality of Sithonia. Their pioneer action was launched with the cooperation of a crowd of scientists and divers that recorded sea organizations, put signs on the route and secured a safe diving walking approachable even to beginners without any special navigation equipment.

Popular destinations are:

The Kelyfos island, three miles from Neos Marmaras with more than 10 diving points. To the sand of the bottom in 110 metres of depth the rocky sides shape an unrepeatable relief under the water with cliffs, caves and vertical slopes.

The shipwreck of the Turkish trade ship  that is in Kalamitsi sunk in 1910 in a depth ranging from 10 and 20 metres. 100 years later, it has transformed in an amazing artificial reef with reach vegetation and intense underwater life. 

The underwater cave Erika, 4 mile east of Porto Koufo. The impressive entrance of the cave is in 12 metres depth, it has 60 metres of length and 10 of width. Outside the cave there is an exceptionally beautiful bottom with the biggest depth being more that 40 metres. It has rich flora and constitutes ideal shelter of breeding for lobsters and shrimps.

There are at least 50 dive sites in Sithonia  known and registered as a top dive sites with beautiful bottom, and soft corals (gorgonians), which are addressed to all levels of education and diving experience levels.