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Gastronomy Tourism

Gastronomy festivals, information days, conferences and cooking demonstrations bring every year the visitors in contact with a banquet of tastes and offer unique experiences of taste. The inexhaustible gastronomic wealth of Sithonia sets the table with a mosaic of effects that continually renews: the Greek ancient cuisine, the blessed abundance of the sea, the monastery recipes, and the eastern flavours and the Mediterranean diet. The simplicity, the cleanliness and the pureness of local progress is the gold recipe of the diet model of the area.

Fresh ingredients, proper use of herbs, with the famous local olive oil to accompany every tasteful creation. Meat from free range animals, wild greens and aromatic herbs, juicy fruit and vegetables, nutritious legume and fine cheese products enrich the gastronomic palette.

In Sithonia for centuries a new chapter of culture and history with flavours, smells and colours is written, with steady foundations and creative fantasy. Dive in an endless sea of tastes and smells and explore the secret treasures of the Mediterranean diet.

Tastes made by sun and sea explode in your palette and become a happy excuse for celebration, distant echo of the ancient symposiums that combined food with fun and communication.

Visit the local festivals of traditional cuisine and try the rich tasteful foods without any guilt: the health and long livingness that are guaranteed made UNESCO to include the Mediterranean diet in the catalogue of Heritage of Humankind.

Take part in one of the symposiums that are organised and put yourselves in the experience of a gastronomic adventure that will mark your tastes and memory forever. International chefs, traditional cooks, local producers and associations take part in gastronomic festivals every year and appear great foods in an outburst of creative fantasy and knowledge. If you belong in the race of nature lovers, Sithonia has the perfect recipe, love at first bite!